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Businesses are increasingly the targets of class action litigation.  The aggressive (and creative) nature of this litigation is fueled by technology, which gives plaintiffs’ counsel effective tools to collaborate with each other and recruit class action plaintiffs.  In this ever-growing litigious environment, businesses need to address this threat by minimizing litigation exposure and developing cost-effective strategies once litigation is filed.

Kilpatrick Townsend’s Class Action Team is a nationwide class action defense practice, representing some of the largest corporations in the United States in federal and state court.  Whether through risk management before a case is filed – such as by implementing compulsory arbitration clauses and other effective consumer-facing terms and conditions; by aggressively contesting liability early in a case; by pursuing an early settlement strategy; or by seeking to defeat class certification, we know what it takes for a business effectively and efficiently to deal with this dangerous form of litigation.

The KT Class Action Blog is a valuable resource for information and analysis about recent class action decisions as well as trends and strategies in defending class actions.  Firm partner Jay Bogan is the Leader of the Kilpatrick Townsend Class Action Team and creator and primary editor of the KT Class Action Blog.  To learn more about the team, visit the firm’s Class Action Litigation page.



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