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Posted on Tuesday, February 13 2018 at 7:05 pm by -

Will Kratom Be Restricted?

By: Alyson L. Wooten, Pharm.D.


Kratom, a popular alternative medicine used as a home remedy for opioid addiction, is now classified by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) as an opioid – a step that may lead to the classification of the substance as a restricted drug under the Controlled Substance Act.

Kratom-e1518403746740-600x350Kratom lies at the intersection of the debate between natural product and drug of abuse. Thousands of people around the world have taken kratom, which grows naturally in areas of tropical Southeast Asia. The plant is part of the coffee family and is commonly crushed for use as an herbal supplement and traditional remedy for pain relief and as a stimulant.

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